FOR WEB building foundations

SFL believes that sustainable communities are built through the shared involvement of local people who are empowered to be an integral part of the rebuilding process. With this grassroots approach, SFL enables people devastated by conflict and disaster to become part of the solution. This process begins through the physical reconstruction of the community: shelters, schools, clinics, and infrastructure. 

FOR WEB family in front of house

Families are trained in construction techniques and rebuild their homes, brick by brick.  Village members are organized to identify critical infrastructure needs and reconstruct bridges, roads, wells, schools, clinics, or local markets. SFL equips people with training, tools, and materials to permanently rebuild their communities.

FOR WEB construction 1

But SFL programs are more than just bricks and mortar. By integrating construction projects with community development programs, the results go beyond new shelters, roads, and water systems. SFL's comprehensive approach rebuilds communities, offers hope, restores dignity, develops local capacity, and creates environments where people feel physically, psychologically, and economically secure.