Partner through Giving

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Even as you read this, disaster and conflict are   forcing families from their homes into a world that   seems without hope. Men, women, and children who   survive violence and destruction face a frightening   and uncertain future. These displaced families suffer   the loss of their homes, communities, livelihoods, and   even the people they love. The need seems so   overwhelming... how can we effectively respond to   such devastating tragedy?

Here is your opportunity to partner with us in our mission to enable people affected by conflict and disaster to rebuild their communities and restore their lives. We need you! Your financial support will truly make a difference.

Your Donation Dollars at Work

With SFL's community-based projects and low overhead costs, your donation dollars truly make a difference. Following are some examples of how your gifts help SFL develop situations that impact families struggling to restore their lives and rebuild their communities.

$50 Livelihood Training

SFL helps families break the cycle of poverty and dependence upon outside assistance. Your gift of $50 can help a struggling family receive training, start a new business and become self-sufficient.

$75 Water

In many countries, clean water is scarce and expensive. A gift of $75 could provide an entire neighborhood with a permanent, sustainable water filtration system.


$250 Sanitation

In developing countries, inadequate sanitation results in death and disease. Your gift of $250 can save lives by enabling a family to build a new latrine and receive public health training.

$500 Shelter Repair

Men, women and children are struggling to live in homes severely damaged by disaster and war. A donation of $500 can provide a family with the training, tools, and materials to repair and weatherize their shelter.

$2,000 New Home

woman and child in front of rubble

A shelter is more than a roof and four walls. To the world's displaced, shelter is life. Your gift of $2,000 can enable a family to build a new home and offer hope for their future.

$5,000 Staff & Office Space

Our projects require skilled field staff and a home base. Your donation of $5,000 enables SFL to provide the necessary workers and office space for project organization.

We at SFL thank you for serving the poor, marginalized, and displaced around the world.