WASHDisaster and war inflict death, disease, and despair upon families and communities. As part of SFL’s comprehensive and long-term approach to restoring lives, the health of people struggling to rebuild has become an important part of our programs. SFL offers a number of community health programs that focus on education, training, and prevention. These courses include topics such as hygiene and sanitation, HIV/AIDS education, drugs/narcotics awareness, disease prevention, and other health and well-being issues identified by community members.

But SFL understands that health encompasses more than the physical; it includes emotional, spiritual, and relational health as well. As immediate needs are met and communities are rebuilt, people are not hurting so much from lack of food, shelter, or even health care; but rather they are depressed, grieving, and unable to forgive. And they are asking for our help. SFL provides hurting people with lessons in emotional health, moral values, and conflict resolution. In the villages where SFL offers these community health programs, we continually receive requests to teach more classes and to help people heal. SFL is also preparing to create programs that offer counseling for men, women, and children traumatized by violence and loss. These comprehensive community health programs play a significant role in restoring broken lives and offering hope for the future.


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