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A gift to where needed most supports the breadth of SFL’s work. Through your gift, you are meeting the urgent needs of communities around the world by helping to restore lives through investing in long-term community development.

Donations to Shelter For Life International are tax-deductible. After donating you will receive an email confirmation, and a year-end receipt for tax purposes. Shelter For Life International does not sell or share names or contact information of donors with any other organizations or individuals.


Other ways to give



Project Spotlight: Improve
Girls Access to Education

For girls in Liberia, access to education remains a predominant point of inequality, with boys more than twice as likely to be literate than girls.

One of the key barriers preventing girls from education is the lack of access to safe, affordable, and reliable transportation. Our team intends to change this through the Improve Girls Access To Education project which utilizes a market-based approach to generate a twice-daily bus service. With the objective of increasing school enrollment and attendance, we hope to obtain 10 buses, that over time will transform into a thriving self-sufficient business.

By these means, not only can unsafe travel at unreasonable hours be avoided, but families may also be more supportive of their daughters education. With your help, we can make the iGATE project a reality, and significantly change the lives of urban children in Liberia. To learn more, click here.



Emergency Response Fund

Each year, millions of people are impacted by large-scale emergencies and disasters around the world.

The circumstances can range from catastrophic natural disasters to crises such as food shortages, drought, and displacement of populations due to war and civil unrest.

The Emergency Response Fund was established in 2018 to assist our team meet the immediate needs of communities effected by natural and man-made disasters. As these increasingly become the ‘new normal’, it is critical that we are able to respond promptly and effectively. With your help, we can assist communities restore their lives and rebuild their communities.


Wondering what to do with an old vehicle?

Rather than trade or sell your used car, watercraft, or other motor vehicle, consider donating to Shelter For Life International – an easy and fulfilling alternative. Plus, you earn a great tax break in the process!

Your Gift will Provide Great Financial Value! Selling and trading an old vehicle can be overwhelming and hectic, and trying to get the best value for your car can be stressful. Donating your vehicle is a wonderful alternative that will save you time and energy. Additionally, if you donate to Shelter For Life you can rest assured that your gift provides great financial value: We partner with a global online auctioning system that has 27 years experience re-marketing vehicles to local buyers as well as buyers worldwide.

To donate, please out and send the form found here


FAQ: We will accept almost all cars – even “junkers” have some value. There is no charge or expense incurred to the donator. Even if you don’t have your title, it is likely we can still pick up your vehicle.