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Only 37% of girls in Liberia are able to read and write, compared to 67% of boys, nearly twice the amount. For girls in Liberia, access to education remains a predominant point of inequality. One of the central barriers preventing girls from attending school is the lack of access to safe, affordable, and reliable transportation. Presently, transportation options for children to attend school in Monrovia are scarce, and often include two options; either walking more than two hours (each way) to school, or competing with adults to ride in one of very few and expensive taxis. As a result, families are reluctant to send their children, especially female children, to school, due to stories of harassment, abuse and even abduction of young children.

SFL are seeking to address these issues through implementation of the Improve Girls Access To Education (iGATE) project, which aims to generate a twice-daily bus service for girls in urban Liberia. With the objective of increasing school enrollment and attendance, Shelter For Life hopes to obtain 10 amount of buses, that will stop a number of key Monrovian schools.

With your help, we can make the iGATE project a reality, and significantly change the lives of urban children in Liberia.

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