Cars For Life

cars for life


Wondering what to do with an old vehicle?

Rather than trade or sell your used car, watercraft, or other motor vehicle, consider donating to Shelter For Life International – an easy and fulfilling alternative.
Plus, you earn a great tax break in the process!

Your Donation Matters

As a non profit organization, Shelter For Life relies on various sources of income and acts of generosity from people like you.

We are continuously searching for new and innovative funding opportunities within our local and global communities to make it easier for people to support our cause. SFL is also committed to getting the most out of every dollar, always striving to find ways to maximize efficiency within our programs and projects.

Your Gift will Provide Great Financial Value!

Selling and trading an old vehicle can be overwhelming and hectic, and trying to get the vest value for your car can be stressful. Donating your vehicle is a wonderful alternative that will save you time and energy.

In addition, if you donate to Shelter For Life you can rest assured that your gift provides great financial value: We partner with a global online auctioning system that has 27 years experience re-marketing vehicles to local buyers as well as buyers from around the world.



• We will accept almost all cars – even “junkers” have some value

• There is no charge or expense incurred to the donator

• Even if you don’t have your title, it is likely we can still pick up your vehicle

To donate, please fill out and send the form found here