2017: A year in review


Last year provided us a number of opportunities to continue our work as agents of transformation and catalysts of peace.

In 2017, we saw great gains to our ongoing work in in Afghanistan, with eight projects in three provinces. Where infrastructure was diminished, now hundreds of kilometers of roads and canals have been built and restored. Where the risk of flooding was high, now protecting walls exist. Where land was barren, now tens of thousands of trees stand. Where food was scarce, now communities have been provided for. By each of these means, we have been able to restore the livelihoods of hundreds of families and improve community’s assets.

AF17 men oil food trees MED-16.jpg

SFL has also continued its work to restore communities in Senegal. In partnership with the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), we completed 130 kilometers of farm-to-market feeder roads, producing greater access to agricultural markets, improving local markets and trade, increasing employment opportunities and transportation efficiency, and contributing to security and peace-building in the region.

Additionally, after being awarded a contract to rejuvenate the cashew sector in Senegal, the Gambia, and Guinea-Bissau,SFL spent the last part of the year recruiting new staff, developing a data platform to share market information, and holding preparation workshops in anticipation for the project’s commencement. By reinvigorating the cashew sector, this project will help connect West African cashew farmers with American markets – a clear demonstration of lasting and mutually beneficial development work.

Simultaneously, SFL also worked closely with displaced Senegalese families who have begun to return home. Thanks to increased peace in the region, families are eager to return home, but don’t have the means to rebuild. SFL’s partnership with the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM) gives us the opportunity to help these families restore their lives and rebuild their communities.

Check out our 2017 Annual Report to learn more about our impact around the world here.

Jes Alexander-Rowe