Emergency response in Bangladesh


By now, you have probably seen headlines regarding Rohingya fleeing Myanmar for Bangladesh following an outbreak of violence in late August. You may already be asking yourself how you can help.

Since August 25th, over 420,000 Rohingya have fled into Bangladesh, joining the half million that were already there. The established refugee camps are full, and those arriving have little to no access to shelter, clean water, or other amenities. They have arrived with little but the clothes on their backs.

Shelter for Life is hoping to respond to this situation by doing what we do best—providing shelter and aid in a time of need. In keeping with this, we are planning to send a team to the Bangladesh in October to assess the situation and identify the most effective means of helping. We project the cost of assessment, including travel, at $25,000. A donation of any amount can help us reach this goal. Anything received beyond the $25,000 will begin our response to the situation. You may Donate Now online or by check. All donations to Shelter For Life are tax-exempt, and you will provided with a receipt for tax filing purposes.

Thank you for your compassion and for partnering with us during this time of urgent need.

Jes Alexander-Rowe