SFL & WFP in Afghanistan


Shelter For Life is implementing UN World Food Programme (WFP) projects in Afghanistan. These projects, which have been underway for the past several years, include road and irrigation system building and rehabilitation to help restore productivity in the agriculture and food sectors, tree planting to stabilize hillsides and prevent erosion and improve and preserve soil quality, and school feeding for thousands of students in local schools, and livelihood training for both men and women.

The infrastructure projects, such as irrigation system improvements, road rehabilitation, or building of protection walls, has employed thousands of local laborers and so improved the livelihoods of thousands of families, while at the same time reduced the impact of natural disasters such as floods for local communities, and increased agricultural production.

Barren hillsides can be susceptible to erosion during heavy rains, and when landslides occur roads and homes can be damaged, and human life put in danger. Tree planting is helping to stabilize hillsides and reduce the risk of erosion and property damage while raising the water table and improving soil quality. And fruit and nut trees will eventually provide agricultural commodities to the local communities.