"It could take as long as 3-5 hrs to get from here to Bafata. Now it’s 10 minutes. There is no greater peace than being able to reach your field, fetch your cashews or mangoes, when you couldn’t do that in the past."

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"My yearly yield, compared to previous year, has increased by four times. Now in each season we have fruit and vegetable, which we not only use at home but we also sell to the market."

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"When the road was completed, we came back and realized that the road had also brought peace with it."

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“Before SFL staff came here, our village was forgotten and no one was thinking about us and our problems. Since SFL came here many things have changed in our village, they distributed chickens and goats and built bridges and roads.”

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"People are realizing that Djibanar is safe now, and peace is returning... Before, transporting cashews was very difficult because of the roads. Now, it’s so easy."

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"The building of the road also brought peace & development to our farms and our families."

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“We now have double crops on one jerib of our land and the results have been very good. We are very happy.” 

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"When you meet new people, you have to get to know them. People learned tolerance and acceptance in the group."

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